Sharing Becomes Easy and Fast With WhatsApp Messenger

As technology grows, it makes our life much more easy and convenient. But is it only life that becomes easy with advanced technology? The answer is "NO and YES". No because advanced technology affects various other things too and makes several tasks, which we perform in our daily life, easy; yes because ultimately, it makes our life comfortable. For instance; today's tech-savvy generation is crazy about sharing, which wasn't much fast and easy, as it is now with WhatsApp Messenger.

In other words, this new technology has made sharing easier and faster. Available free of cost for a year, the application allows users to share images, videos, and audio messages, apart from text. In nutshell, be it any kind of file, an audio, video, text, or image; one can share them easily, promptly, and most importantly free of cost with this application, making it an ideal alternative of SMS and MMS. As the per WhatsApp Messenger Review, the new application is easy to download and install and is compatible with Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone smartphones. This easy to use phone app is getting on the nerves of tech freaks and is making them go nuts with its free services and numerous features.

Let's explore some of its features, which is why, the app is getting more popular with each passing day.
• Known as the best substitute of MMS and SMS, the application is easy to download and install
• Easy to use, the app comes free for a year, allowing users to share and chat free of cost
• After a year, the app becomes chargeable and charges nearly INR 107 for a year, which is quite affordable
• Users can send images, audio messages, share videos with this app, apart from text messages
• Compatible with most of the smartphones including BlackBerry, Android, iOS, and Symbian
• The application comes encrypted and will not allow unknowns to read the messages
• It does not have the character limit
• Users can use the app easily and need not to remember the username or password to sign in
• No hidden charges
• Users can send images just after the click using WhatsApp
• Videos can be shared in the real-time using this app
• Users can share customized wallpapers, notification sounds, MMS, etc., to numerous contacts simultaneously
• The application allows users to create a group and chat instantly with each member
• The mobile texting application comes with no pop-ups, no ads, and no spams

It seems that this new mobile application has come as a blessing for those who are not just tech freaks but are crazy about sharing and communication. As more and more consumers are getting familiar with the application and are using it for communication purpose, WhatsApp Messenger has become a very strong contender for various other messaging services like LINE and KakaoTalk. Based in California, WhatsApp Inc. is the developer of the application, which was founded by Brian Acton and Jan Koum in the year 2009.

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